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My name is Marina, I’m a professional cosmetologist, and owner of ViaCosmetic. ViaCosmetic is delighted to offer our clients 20+ personalized Facial Treatments in Newmarket, as well as offer a curated line of cosmetic products by Magiray.

At ViaCosmetic in Newmarket, I will help you to  improve the appearance of your skin, enhance your natural beauty and provide you with a unique experience that is tailored to your needs and at an affordable cost.

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Helping my clients discover their true potential and look their best, bringing confidence, and simply, feeling happy makes me always feel excited about my work. I offer professional cosmetology services in Newmarket at my cozy home based professionally equipped studio ViaCosmetic.

To help my clients maintain glowing and healthy looking skin I have opened an online boutique with a comprehensive line of skin care products by Magiray. As a result of extensive research Magiray has combined the best in the scientific advances offering great products for personal beauty routine with professional results. It is now available to order from my online store.

ViaCosmetic is the Magiray Cosmetic official representative in Canada

ViaCosmetic 4 Beauty Treatments in Newmarket
ViaCosmetic 3 Beauty Treatments in Newmarket

I was impressed with the consistent results my clients were getting with Magiray, a professional cosmetic line developed and manufactured in Israel based on the latest advances in research.

Magiray is using holistic principles aimed at regulating the skin’s natural physiological processes. Boosting skin’s potential of regeneration, hydration and Ph regulation with the goodness of simple ingredients: herbal extracts, plant oils, and minerals, it offers the best in the new age of skin care.


I am an official representative of Magiray Cosmetic. I love to work with beauty salons and beauticians, helping them achieve the quality of skin they desire for their clients. Magiray is a quality beauty salon brand that can improve their client’s skin. If you’re looking for better quality and service, check out my website and see what Magiray can do for your business.

ViaCosmetic 2 Beauty Treatments in Newmarket
ViaCosmetic 1 Beauty Treatments in Newmarket
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