Although acne is a common problem for many people, not all acne conditions are created equal. There are different causes, as well as different types of skin. Some milder cases can be controlled by a comparatively easy care routine, but some need special anti-acne treatments and procedures.

There are many conditions that are linked to the appearance of acne, here are some of them:

  • Excessive oil production.
  • Stress
  • Excess hormonal activity
  • Skin care & makeup products
  • Some medications

Treating it with only over the counter methods might lead to condition complication including cysts, infection and inflammation. If you wait long enough for the condition to aggravate – it might lead to a situation when only medication becomes the solution.
My Acne Facials are strictly individualised and the actual steps of the procedure and products used are based on thorough skin analysis.

The steps are focused on:

  • Thorough cleansing and delicate exfoliating
  • Darsonval and disinfection
  • Applying treatments targeted at slowing down oil production
  • Stimulating the natural processes of healing and restoring the natural balance.

Acne, like, no other condition depends on regimented everyday care procedures. It simply can not be resolved during one in-studio treatment. I will recommend the best course of after care for skin affected by acne in each specific case.


75$ (price for teenagers under 18 years old)


*Please note that all prices listed above do not include HST

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