hollywood peel

Hollywood Peel

As we can imagine the name Hollywood Peel has traveled here from Hollywood, where a couple of movie stars wanted this procedure done before shooting in a movie or appearing on the red carpet. Of course, the name is, most likely, a marketing stunt, but it suggests that it is indeed a very effective procedure! Well, if it has worked for them, we can use it too!

Hollywood, or Carbon Peel is a laser procedure focused on top skin layer removal using the temperature retention power of carbon to maximise heat penetration deeper into the skin structure.

What Hollywood Peel is used for?

  • Reducing appearance of fine lines
  • Reducing or eliminating scars
  • Improving skin tone and consistency
  • Sun damage repair
  • Enlarged pores treatment
  • General anti-aging procedure

How does a Hollywood Carbon Peel work?

Hollywood Carbon Peel laser treatment steps:

  1. Black carbon solution applied onto the skin surface
  2. Carbon is heated with laser, which makes it penetrate the skin deeper
  3. The laser is switched to a higher setting blasting carbon particles, exfoliating skin at the same time.

At the time of the procedure the high temperature also breaks up melanin in skin cells. The skin appears brighter. The additional benefit of working with high temperature is that dermis, one heated contracts and stimulates collagen production. It visibly improves skin tone and fine lines.
There is no downtime after the procedure, and it is not photosensitive. It can be done any time of year. We often include this treatment as part of our anti aging program.




*Please note that all prices listed above do not include HST

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