Although microneedling in the beauty industry is used for a wide range of skin problems, such as reducing the look of scars, persistent acne, it is also extremely efficient for aging skin. The same principle is used to boost new cell growth: the micro punctures stimulating natural collagen production and new cells growth.

Microneedling process is non invasive

Although it sounds uncomfortable, it is actually a non invasive process. Mesopen, used for this treatment contains ultra fine needles ranging between 0.5 and 2.5 millimeters. On contact with the skin it produces micro punctures.

The micro needles penetrate only the very top layer of skin with the sensation of no more than a light pin prick. In fact, the procedure is so delicate that it is even recommended for sensitive skin with a few adjustments.

Microneedling. What to expect:

Although the specific mix of products used may be slightly adjusted depending on skin type and underlying conditions, here are the steps of microneedling I use.


  1. Cleansing
  2. Enzymatic peel
  3. Skin degreasing
  4. Sterilised cocktail application
  5. Microneedling procedure with mesopen
  6. Face, neck, decollete, areas around eyes and lips treatment
  7. Finishing cream

The microneedling procedures are so efficient and show visible results so quickly that it is easy to get carried away. We even heard of people doing it themselves in their home. But as with any cosmetic procedure, knowledge of physiology and good judgement simply goes a longer way.

Used too often, microneedling may cause capillaries to break, as well as extra production of collagen may create that “plastic” look that you want to avoid. Your skin needs 28 days to fully restore.


129$ per procedure

Package of 4 procedures 440$


*Please note that all prices listed above do not include HST


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