skin tightening in newmarket

Skin Tightening in Newmarket

Skin tightening  with Forma and Forma Plus is a non-invasive method that uses radio frequency to stimulate deeper skin layers to produce collagen. The treatment is delivered by a high frequency professional device approved for use in North American cosmetic clinics and salons.

The procedure tightens the skin, makes it look younger, erases the appearance of wrinkles and, even, smaller lines. Stimulation of  collagen production improves the skin regeneration and makes the skin look younger.

Compared to other cosmetic treatments it has a number of advantages:

  • Non invasive – there is no injections or incisions, the top skin layer remains undisturbed
  • Can be recommended for use for everyone. There are no medical or health conditions that make its application not advisable (except being pregnant, breastfeeding , or cold sores appearance)
  • The strength of the frequency is fully adjustable 
  • Works great for all skin types including lighter and darker
  • Completely pain free
  • No downtime 

Forma and Forma Plus skin tightening application

The procedure can be used on all parts of the body where skin tightening will be beneficial. 

Forma is developed for more delicate skin areas such as eyelids, smile lines, jawline and neck. Forma Plus is used for the abdomen, arms, knees and legs.

The procedure is very simple: the treatment area is cleaned, ultrasound gel is applied. The Forma head will glide over the treated area. The client will experience the pleasant sensation of warmth. The treatment head has a temperature gauge that helps to maintain control. The procedure may last 20min to 2 hours depending on the area. The procedure has no downtime. Some clients may experience skin redness a few hours after the procedure.

The optimal result can be achieved over a consistent course of treatment recommended after thorough skin analysis.

Forma Skin Tightening and other procedures


While Skin Tightening with Forma is non invasive, it is important to know that facials, laser procedures and injectables, such as Botox can not be done 1 week before or 1 week after Forma treatments. If you are using Accutane, it should be stopped 6 months prior. It is also recommended to stop Retinol containing products at least 1 week prior to treatment, it can be resumed 1 week after.

We are excited to offer our clients Forma Skin Tightening treatment at our salon. Book your spot now!



Free Consultation

Neck only:
(1 Session),
(6 Sessions – $100 per session),
(8 Sessions – $90 per session),
(10 Sessions – $80 per session)

Face only:
(1 Session),
$960 (6 Sessions – $160 per session),
$1200 (8 Sessions – $150 per session),
$1400 (10 Sessions – $140 per session)
Face + Neck:
(1 Session),
$1200 (6 Sessions – $200 per session),
$1520 (8 Sessions – $190 per session),
$1800 (10 Sessions – $180 per session)

*Please note that all prices listed above do not include HST

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