Chemical Peels

The things you need to know about peels:

If you are interested in a peel procedure it is better if you contact me in advance. There are some preparation steps that have to ensure a safe result that I will guide you through. Peel is a photosensitive procedure – while some, containing milder acids can be applied through the year, there are some that are restricted only to colder and darker time. You should always remember to protect your skin from direct UV rays exposure. Even on an overcast day the UV can be very strong.


Chemical Peels treatments

Chemical peels are used to address a wide range of skin problems. In the process a carefully formulated chemical solution is applied to the skin. The interaction with chemicals makes the top layer peel of. The physiology behind the process is simple: the top skin layer containing dead cells is removed, stimulating new skin layer regeneration process, stimulating collagen production, and boosting skin elasticity

When peels are efficient?

Peels are an excellent method to address the following aging skin problems:

  • Reducing fine lines
  • Alleviating the signs of sun damage
  • Address oily skin
  • Smoothening skin areas under eyes and around the mouth
  • Reducing freckles, age spots, pigmentation
  • Smoothing out the skin in general, making it look younger
  • Eliminating acne scars
  • Shrinking pores
Chemical peel can address general issues or target specific skin problems and conditions. Since different types and concentration of natural fruit acids are used in the peels, some of them can be done in summer and some can be restricted to winter and colder months of the year. In my studio I often use 5 types of peels:

Peel treatments with weaker acids for all season:

lactic peel Lactic peel 

Lactic peel 

glycolic peel Glycolic peel 

Glycolic peel 

mandelic peel Mandelic peel 

Mandelic peel 

Peels for colder time of year: end of fall - winter

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