Detox Hydrafacial

Unfortunately, in modern society we are exposed to toxins, both in the environment and in our diet. It complicates the processes in our body. As everything, it reflects directly on our skin.
Air pollution, excess CO in the air, chemicals in our food all contribute to slowing down regeneration processes affecting collagen directly in our skin. As a result, our skin appears dull, aging faster with more noticeable appearance of wrinkles, and prone to irritation, breakouts, and various skin conditions.

Why is Detox HydraFacial needed?

Detox HydraFacial is focused on minimizing harmful effects of toxins, restoring natural balance, replenishing the skin with vitamins and nutrients that will facilitate future cell regeneration. Those who live in high density urban environments, or industrial areas might need specifically this type of HydraFacial more often.
The detox action of HydraFacial starts from its cleansing stage – when along with dead cells, excess oil, and other skin activity byproducts filled with toxins are removed. It not only purifies the skin from the toxic elements, but prepares it for hydration.

During the Detox HydraFacial the booster and mask, infused with concentrated active plant detox agents as aloe vera, seabuckthorn, burdock, ginger, acai, Vitamin B5 & E, bur-marigold ext., bergamot & orange are used, demonstrating great results.

At the end of the procedure – the skin is sealed for protection with powerful antioxidants to prevent the environmental toxins from destroying collagen.

My skin care treatments are tailored to every client’s individual needs. I include Detox HydraFacial in my clients personal care programs at least once a month.

Detox HydraFacial is a pleasant non-invasive procedure with visible results with very little downtime. You can wear makeup the next day!
Of course a big part of great results is a healthier diet, active lifestyle and getting enough sleep to leave your body enough time for regeneration.



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