Ultrasonic Cleansing Facial

Ultrasonic Cleansing Facial

The Zemits Skin Scrubber provides a unique skin cleansing and exfoliating experience using high frequency of ultrasound Vibrations.
 Ultrasonic skin scrubbing has become a top trending facial method in recent years. The Zemits Skin Scrubber vibrates up to 28,000 times per minute. This rapid vibration vaporizes moisture on the surface of the skin to gently peel away the most superficial layer of dead skin and sebum to reveal fresh, healthy, and glow skin.
What results can your clients expect from Zemits Skin Scrubber?
1. Smoother exfoliated skin
2. Deep hydration
3. Natural glow finish post-treatment
4. Improved overall skin tone
5. Refined pores
6. Unclogged pores and reduced blackheads
7.  Smoothed skin
The results?

Refined pores, fewer blackheads, hydrated skin, and an overall rejuvenated look. This excellent multi-action and powerful handheld system provides the dual action of exfoliation and product penetration to ensure a complete and one-of-a-kind facial experience.


85$ per procedure

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